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Take a trip to the cosmos with Faerie on “re: invite to the moon”

Faerie – “re: invite to the moon.”
Photo & makeup by Hannah Lauren, illustration by Brian Scagnelli.

For years, the moon has been a coveted muse for gifted singer-songwriters. In some songs it’s the unlikely audience who will listen to all of your troubles, and in others it can be a study of one’s self. But perhaps now more than ever, the moon can be sourced as a welcome escape from the harsh reality of life on Earth.

New York-based musician Faerie (Christine Lam)’s “re: invite to the moon” is an invitation to visit the Earth’s eternal companion, whisking you away from the trappings of everyday life into a mystical fantasy. Written about the singer “attempt[ing] to escape the growing heartache on Earth, sending love letters to those she has been forced to leave on her way to the moon,” “re: invite to the moon” is made up of a swirl of soft, cushy guitar strings and Lam’s delicate vocals that fill its listener with wonder. A slight departure from the musician’s previously synth-focused 2am EP, added brass and delicate backing vocals on the creamy chorus highlight warm feelings of escapism that allows the song to flourish with dreamy feelings. Together with composer VelviV (Jose Muñoz), Faerie has made a song that glows with reverence.

“re: invite to the moon” is a lovely ditty for stargazing on warm spring and summer nights–no matter which celestial body you may be tuning in from. 

re: invite to the moon lyric video produced and edited by Camila Espinosa (@sonder.a).

Header photo by Brian Scagnelli.

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