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Eunice Keitan wants you to know that you’re not alone on “Hope is a Bird”


Eunice Keitan – “Hope is a Bird”

Toronto-based vocalist Eunice Keitan really wants you to start thinking about mental health.

It seems that especially in Anglo-Asian communities, the concept of psychological self-care is rarely being properly addressed–an anomaly that has already invited numerous studies from those in the field. But although the stigma of shying away from therapy and other psychological help has been slowly fading away, there still remains a largely unspoken population who is afraid to seek guidance. Keitan, with all of her power as a musician, is here to try to change that.

On “Hope is a Bird,” Keitan’s newest song, the singer addresses the delicate subject matter by telling of her own struggle with depression in an inspirational ballad. Purposefully timed to be released on National Suicide Prevention Day, “Hope is a Bird” lends a hand-in-need to her listeners.

Whereas Keitan’s debut EP Where the Road Begins was a jazz-slash-world music debut (along the lines of Pink Martini), “Hope is a Bird” pairs Keitan’s buttery vocals with acoustic guitars and a minimalist R&B beat. What’s important here is her message, and Keitan delivers it with an intense focus and sincerity. It’s a song that is powerfully bright, showering its listener with light and love. Produced by fellow friend and collaborator Jong Lee (Peach Luffe), “Hope is a Bird” shines a beacon of hope on its dark subject matter–offering a sympathetic message and an even kinder melody.

As Keitan caps the song off with her uplifting lyrics, “I’ll rise again and live to tell the tale of release / Of release,” there’s no doubt that you’ll believe her.

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  1. Susan Lawrence September 13, 2019

    Great, insightful review.


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