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Eunice Keitan keeps the dream alive on the soulful “Come Home”

Eunice Keitan – “Come Home”

Toronto-based vocalist Eunice Keitan opens her latest single “Come Home” with a worrisome realization. “Walking in the wrong direction / They said it would be / Better than gold,” she sings. “But I’m far away / And so all alone / And I need to find home.” 

What happens when the path to doing what you love feels like its further out of reach than you might think?

In a press release, Keitan reveals that “Come Home” is, like many of her songs, coming from a place that closely aligns to her own experiences. Inspired by the “artist’s dilemma of trying to juggle multiple jobs while trying to keep the dream alive,” “Come Home” is a hopeful song that taps into the difficulties of anybody who’s ever felt lost in achieving their own personal goals, especially when that goal is far off the beaten path. 

Once again tapping into the Latin jazz vibe that she once championed on her debut Where the Road Begins EP, Keitan’s soulfully aching vocals soar over a barrage of smoky, meandering saxophones and an understated bass. Much like her previous single “Hope is a Bird,” “Come Home” is a song about healing–relaying a message of self-reassurance that comes in the form of a beautiful ballad. On stage and together with her backing band, “Come Home” is powerful.

Even though Keitan feels lost in the moment, that doesn’t seem to come through in her assured vocal performance. By admitting her fears and putting them out in the open, she’s more confident than ever. 

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