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Estyr serves up a sweet slice of sunshine on “Slow Drip”

estyr slow drip
Estyr – “Slow Drip”

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Estyr landed on our best songs of 2019 list with her debut single “Human Alchemy,” a gorgeous reflection on the vagaries of a relationship. Her latest single “Slow Drip” widens the scope of her music by taking a more playful approach, drawing from such diverse influences as soul, easy-listening, and bossa nova to craft a satisfying R&B pop song about the simple pleasures of falling in love.

Carried by a shuffling beat and shimmering guitar, “Slow Drip” is upbeat yet relaxed, riding its airy groove with seeming effortlessness. As the song moves from sections of sparkling anticipation to quiet contemplation, Estyr’s sweet voice glides over the instruments with impressive versatility, with male and female harmonies further adding to the diversity of vocal styles on display. The lyrics detail the fluttering feelings of fresh love and give a wink to “The Girl From Ipanema,” the bossa nova classic with similar themes of breezy romance. Estyr’s refrain of “Sunny, my lovely, shine on me” perhaps sums up the mood of “Slow Drip” best, as it represents an aural equivalent to the warmth of sunshine on your skin.

“Slow Drip” is a standalone single released ahead of Estyr’s upcoming debut project All Tied Up EP, which sets a promising stage for what will likely be a bright spot in this year’s music.

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Header photo by Felice Trinidad.


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