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Special campaign!

Until 11:59PM on 2/27/2022, every $5 donation gives you an entry into a drawing for a vinyl copy of Mitski’s Laurel Hell. The version we’re raffling off is the “Triple Button” Red/Black edition that was only available online. Donated by editor-in-chief, Li-Wei Chu.

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Ever since From the Intercom was first started back in 2018, it has always been run by volunteers. And although we all love what we do, keeping a site like this up takes work!

Site fees need to be renewed, event travel for the latest coverage can get expensive, and our general lack of funding can restrain the site’s growth.

If you like our content and you’d like keep From the Intercom independent and ad-free, please consider donating to our site below! Any amount helps, and will go towards our general site fund if we’re not currently running a campaign.

Leave us a message as well, we’d love to hear from you 🙂

As always, thank you for reading! -Li-Wei Chu

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