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MV: Casper Sun and Chow Mane hang out in their new video for “Burberry”


Back in June, the 626’s own Casper Sun (Edward Chao) dropped Pink Matter EP, a Frank Ocean inspired collection of jazz-hop and mellow-hype tracks. A project filled with collaborators, Pink Matter saw Chao working with a number of other Asian American hip hop artists to add new dimensions to his laid-back sound. Recently, Chao has released a visual for the project’s most fun and free-spirited track, “Burberry.”

Featuring Bay Area rapper Chow Mane, both rappers play off of each other with absolute glee as they roam around from place-to-place throughout the wingdings-subtitled video. As the two lounge around on a freeway overpass, rap in front of a picturesque green building and hang out of a car (literally), one can truly sense the meshing of the two musicians’ distinct styles. It’s also worth pointing out the oddball streetwear fashion sensibilities of the two artists. Between the two of them, they rock sandals with socks, rainbow crocs, ASIAN SQUAT SOCIAL CLUB hoodies, black-hype surgical masks and gym shorts. It’s all hype, aesthetic, and #mood–working beautifully to the chill-rap aesthetic workings of the track. And of course, there’s plenty of pink clothing embracing the color aesthetic that defines the current EP era. 

Fun is always to be had in a Casper Sun video, and “Burberry” keeps that feeling going.

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