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Burmesetrap and INF3RNO turn up the heat on the thrashing EDM banger “Get Louder”


Ambitious, infectious, and unapologetically raunchy. These words perfectly encapsulate the spirit of EDM newcomer Burmesetrap and his debut single “Get Louder,” a collaboration with fellow 17-year old Myanmar-based producer INF3RNO. Burmesetrap, who began producing in his bedroom three years ago on a laptop his aunt bought for him, craves the festival atmosphere he imagines in this track. “I’ve always dreamed of one day being able to perform my music to a large crowd,” says Burmesetrap. “And I hope with this release I can share with others some music that is being made in my country of Myanmar, the Golden Land.”  


Burmesetrap wastes no time in this three-minute track, as listeners are immediately met with brash horns and a creeping bassline, followed by a widening silence that will transport rave baes and festival babies alike back to the arena. As quickly as they disappear, the horns return in full force to announce the beat, which gallops in and only pick up speed from there. And if you like the first half of the song, characterized by a classic trap beat, you will definitely need a pair of shoulders to sit on to relish the final drop. 

Burmesetrap is working on an EP slated for release later this year.

Artist pages: Facebook | Spotify | Umami Records


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