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Brahny – “Pride”


After dropping an EP and two stunning singles, there’s still not much that is known about R&B singer Brahny (Brian Han). The only concrete pieces of information that the Internet provides is that a) he’s from Toronto b) he collaborates with other Torontonian artists like Monsune (who helped him shoot his video for “Bloom”). While the Internet continues to speculate about who he is, Han has continued to release music under his moniker–this time for a one-off single called “Pride”.


Brahny – “Pride” single artwork.

Any fan of Han’s will be in a for a real treat; “Pride” exists in the same shimmering realm as his other songs. Backed by a slow slinking beat and a spacey, echoing guitar, Han’s flexible singing voice (note the falsetto!) lulls its listener in like the warm embrace of a lover. In fact, the air of mystery that surrounds his image as an artist helps make the song more dynamic, allowing the listener to easily insert themselves into the shoes of the lucky person that Han sings to. One stand-out line in the song, “Baby / Your star, my falling pride / Save me from the chaos in my mind”, is made even more prominent because it’s unhampered by who it is actually about.

“Pride” humbles the listener, forcing them to take it as it is: a emotionally raw glimpse into an intimate relationship.

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