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Bowen says farewell to a relationship on the hazy “Say My Name”

Bowen – “Say My Name”

The songs of Houston-based musician Bowen marry low-key R&B dreamscapes with bedroom pop production–a winning combination that has found success for many up-and-coming musicians

But while the young musician is still tinkering around with his sound, Bowen’s music takes on a little bit of a psychedelic-edge, fogging up his musical offerings with an added dose of smoke. The musician’s biggest single to date, “Company,” is the best example of that style, catching some attention on streaming platforms like Spotify. “Mile,” “Okay?,” and “Jewels on Fireflies,” which make up the rest of his ear-catching discography, take that musical edge and push it into different realms–flirting with hushed rap and lo-fi hip-hop.

“Say My Name,” Bowen’s latest song, uses some of those concepts and frames it in the context of a breakup. This time around, “Say My Name” steers itself towards trip-hop and alt-R&B: a particularly apt production choice given its somber subject matter. Amongst plush beats and an unmistakably bittersweet chorus, Bowen sings, “Say my name / Don’t let it roll off your tongue / You cherish memories babe / I’m meant to stick like rubber.” There’s an obvious air of weightiness to the words, much like an inevitability that this goodbye was rooted in affection–a feeling that is only enhanced by the echoey production of the track. 

As far as farewells go, “Say My Name” is one that sticks.

Bowen’s debut project godspeed EP will be released this summer.

Photos by Luz C. Song produced by Arcane and Idly Blare.

Artist pages: Instagram | Spotify | Twitter | YouTube


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