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Bohkeh – “Childish”


Why does everything have to be so serious?

On his new song and video for “Childish”, Filipino-American producer/DJ Bohkeh (Rj Lim) proves that growing-up is overrated.

Lim, whose remixes and self-produced music have garnered a small fanbase on SoundCloud, has already released three short EPs (Bright, Cotton, and Cafe) and has dropped enough singles to easily fill two LPs worth of material. Though he hasn’t announced a full-length yet, if “Childish” and the recently released “Summer High” are of any indication, we’re going to be hearing a lot more of his electronic/R&B-inspired songs very soon.

Lim’s chopped up beats and screwy synths (which have become his signature sound) are as present as ever on “Childish”, a song about breaking up with someone because you’re too… childish. Claiming that he’s “only good at being young”, Lim recounts a date that went south because he said “something stupid”. But “Childish” is not a song about self-pity–he celebrates himself and his youthful spirit in between the psuedo-EDM drops, the wobbly bass, and the xylophone riffs. Though he ends the song with the bittersweet, self-chastising lyric “keep this up, you’ll end up alone”, Lim doesn’t seem that bothered about it if he’s still making such cheerful music.

The video for “Childish” (which he definitely shot after raiding the snack aisle of a local Asian grocery store) is just as bubbly and youthful as the song itself. Donning a 90s-inspired outfit and busting out a few wild dance moves in the video, Lim, as it turns out, doesn’t need others to have fun.

Whoever his date was, she’s definitely missing out.

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