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Bodysync – “Babies”

Bodysync – “Babies”

Do you ever open an email and see a graphic that makes you think, “Yeah, I’ve gotta share this?” No? Well, congratulations to Bodysync, because their weirdo-baby graphic led me to write this article on the fly.

Bodysync, the electronic dance-duo of Giraffage’s Charlie Yin and Ryan Hemsworth, recently announced their sophomore album NUTTY, which will be out June 28th. They’ve already released “Rockit,” the ‘90s electronic rave track that takes a lot of inspiration from Eurodance acts like Vengaboys… and possibly DDR? Today, they’ve followed that up with “Babies,” which follows the same meme-worthy trajectory as “Rockit.”

Built off a repeated vocal sample of someone having a stoned revelation (“One day while sipping some groove juice, I realized that in the span of time we’re just babies,” someone says), “Babies” takes a random shower-thought and turns it into hilarious dancefloor gold complete with cheesy whistles and a fun sliding BPM change towards the end. It’s another foray into Bodysync’s style of deranged carnival music – hilarious and club-friendly.

Bodysync – NUTTY album artwork.

Here’s what Bodysync themselves had to say about the song:

“Keeping things a little nutty has just been like, the mantra. The discourse in electronic music is so enveloping and polarizing. We just choose to focus on our legends – Todd Terry, Paul Johnson. There’s so much comedy in their stuff and that has really resonated lately, which shamelessly gets mixed up with the stuff we enjoyed at a young age – Vengaboys, Daft Punk, and Mad Magazine.“

Also, check out the Mortis Studio-directed video for “Babies,” which sees a bunch of crying baby-masked guys (remember those?) messing around and spray painting the word “Bodysync” in an urban city somewhere.

NUTTY is out on June 28th on Bodysync’s imprint Buddies Inc.

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Header photo credit: Ryan Hemsworth

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