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Cooking is bb sway’s love language in “cook4u”

cook4u bb sway
bb sway – cosy EP

“cook4u” from Hong Kong-born, London-based indie artist bb sway is an ode to her favorite way to make someone feel loved. 

Written on a lovely winter night with good friends, “cook4u” definitely warms the soul. A steady loop of a simple backing track paired with sultry vocals set the mood for a relaxing and intimate time. Offerings of various foods sound like routine lines your mom would ask as soon as you arrive home from a long day at school/work/etc (“I got a few cuisines for ya / Anything you like”, “If it’s cold I’ll make a soup for you”). But suave delivery and the detail in which sway literally describes the recipe for making marinated tofu with black beans and okra turn an essential life skill into a surprisingly fruitful flirting style–turning the kitchen into an unexpectedly sensual room. 

sway revisits the track from 2019’s cosy EP with an equally charming and fun music video. The home-video starts off as she invites you to wander the colorful aisles of the Deptford Market Yard. Things take a more erotic (or comedic depending on how you look at it) turn as sway begins to seduce an inflatable doll with fine wine. We then see her cook up a delicious marinated tofu dish before the pair begin to partake in more private affairs.

Put this on for your next (virtual) cook-off with friends and/or loved ones, send it to a culinary-inclined crush… or maybe even avoid it if you’re really hungry. 

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