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ALPHAMAMA’s “Skin” wants us to take back our sex


This is your official invitation to join the Church of the Goddess, a movement that’s anything but skin deep. Evangelization has never sounded so sexy than in Australian pop priestess ALPHAMAMA’s latest single, “SKIN,” a self-love eargasm that declares, “The pleasure is all mine.” 

After releasing the sultry slow burn “Remember” at the end of 2019, the Sydney-based singer kicked off 2020 with a bodacious display of bass, glitter, and just the right amount of cowbell. Co-written with Aleks Mikic of The Regime, the result is seamless and funky, masterfully crafted and impossible to resist. And what better time to indulge in this than in the comfort of your own home?

“It’s my sex / It’s my sex / On my skin / On my skin,” chants ALPHAMAMA in the song’s hypnotic opening, already bursting at the seams with sensuality. In its first few beats, we’re also introduced to a soothing blend of harmonies that bring a dream-like quality to the track. Then, against a soulful backdrop of R&B and hip-hop, ALPHAMAMA carries the song effortlessly with commanding vocals and an even stronger message. 

Much of this inner strength is deeply rooted in her desire to liberate our true spiritual nature. In her own words, ALPHAMAMA defines sexuality “as an act of self love. As an act of rebellion. As a revolutionary step toward freedom. Pleasure is our birthright.” She’s amassed a loyal cult following with her simple formula to enlightenment: “SEX + MUSIC = GOD.” And with plans to establish her Church of the Goddess as a formal denomiation, her plans for world domination includes the dance floor, your bedroom sheets, and her next choir meeting.

ALPHAMAMA has recently recorded a 17-track album in New Orleans titled HoneyFire, set for release later this year.

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