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Alice Longyu Gao blesses us with “violent pop” on her deranged new singles

Alice Longyu Gao – “Yung Piece of Shit Shut Up”

Somewhere along her artistic journey, DJ Alice Longyu Gao flipped a switch and went full psycho. It’s not like that wildness was never there (“I Want My Hoe Time Back” has some of the most iconic lyrics ever penned and “Karma is a Witch” is unapologetically awesome), but on her most recent slew of singles, ALG goes from kawaii ABG pop to maxed out hyperpop. In December, that transformative progression led to two delightfully quotable offerings in “Rich Bitch Juice”/”Dumb Bitch Juice,” notably produced by Dylan Brady (1/2 of post-ironic pop duo 100 gecs). But it’s on her most recent pair of singles yet, the out-of-left-field “Yung Piece of Shit Shut Up” and “U Think U Can Fuck With Me Dont Ya” where ALG debuts her most exciting work yet.

Alice Longyu Gao – “U Think U Can Fuck With Me Dont Ya”

Rebranding her new style as “Violent Pop,” “YPOSSU” and “UTUCFWMDY” are gleeful pop party favors sprinkled with MDMA. True to their maximally aggressive song titles, both accusatory songs are what happens when you replace ALG’s magical girl wand with a serrated knife. “YPOSSU,” the single that whirs in some of ALG’s eccentricities, allows the DJ to throw in some mocking insults in the presence of grating, metallic beats that pack a punch. Then the song transitions into whimsical, operatic (yes, operatic!) musings, like the calm after the storm. ALG is still telling you to shut up–but in a gracious way. Beautiful!

On the other hand, “UTUCFWMDY” is less lyrically inclined but revels in two minutes of a straight-up roller coaster-induced whiplash–starts, stops and shrieks included. Blazing, throttling speed can be felt as ALG races through the song before it hits its pressurized climax. By the end of the song, you’ll definitely need a xanny to bring you back down. Don’t fuck with ALG, lesson learned.  

Pay attention, world! Violent pop has arrived, and it’s glorious.

Both “Yung Piece of Shit Shut Up” and “U Think U Can Fuck With Me Dont Ya” will be included on Alice Longyu Gao’s upcoming EP, out later in 2020.

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