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adam brian paul finds a new way forward on debut single “moving on”

adam brian paul moving on
adam brian paul – “moving on”

If there’s one thing that you can definitely take away from 2020, it might be the fact that the world is unpredictable. Routines are broken, tides shift, and plans fall apart–and it turns out that change can happen faster than you might think. So “moving on,” the debut single from musician adam brian paul (Brian Yim), could not have been released at a better time.

The first single off of the Hong Kong born, Montreal-via-Vancouver artist’s debut project wait, the path never ends? EP, “moving on” is a single that effortlessly signals the arrival of a fresh voice to the indie pop scene. Just as the name suggests, “moving on” is a transitory anthem of sorts. After realizing that he had lost sight of his dream of making music after slipping into a comfortable life routine, Yim slowly started putting together the contents of his debut EP over the span of two years. And it seems only fitting that “moving on,” the first of five songs on that project, guides us through the next chapter of his life right as the world changes along with him. 

Featuring jangly guitars, buzzy murmurs, and laid-back bliss, “moving on” is a chilled out indie pop haze that floats along with ease. Taking cues from musical peers No Vacation and CASTLEBEAT, Yim’s music comfortably fits into the contemporary dream pop milieu, creating a relaxed atmosphere to lose yourself in. Perhaps more surprising is how Yim’s debut easily echoes the breathy and stark structure of The Cranberries’s “Dreams,” creating an ethereal landscape that lingers. As he sings, “Lately I’ve been feeling so lonely / But lately I’ve been thinking it will be alright / I’m moving on / Starting over / Moving on / Starting again,” there’s a sense of reassurance in his voice–as if he’s trying to pinpoint exactly what his musical future will look like through the haze. 

Put together, “moving on” works as a fresh and promising start–while remaining ever hopeful about what kind of unexpected developments the future will bring.

adam brian paul’s (fantastic) wait, the path never ends? EP comes out on December 4. 

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Header photo by Esther Tothova.


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