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7 reasons to watch ‘Scissor Seven’


Scissor Seven, also known as Killer Seven in China, is the first anime released as a Netflix Original that was produced in China. A humorous series with surprising heart about a hairdresser with an unorthodox side gig, here are seven reasons why you should watch it.

scissor seven
Scissor Seven promotional poster.

1. Watch the main character, Seven (Ronny Chieng), be bossed around by Dai Bo (Jas Patrick), the chicken master. The story goes that when Seven was in a coma, Dai Bo (along with Xiao Fei) helped him get back on his feet. Dai Bo may have a gruff and tough exterior, but deep down he sees Seven like one of his sons. After all, he’s the one who is pushing and supporting Seven to follow his dreams of becoming the world’s top assassin.

2. Ronny Chieng’s droll voice acting. Unless, of course, you’re appalled at the thought of listening to Chieng’s monotone, dry timbre. Good luck because he speaks in about 80% of the show (Season One only).

3. Enjoy a blend of rock, folk, and pop throughout the season. Scissor Seven’s creator, He Xiaofeng, wrote the lyrics to the ending credits song even though he’s not a professional singer. The utilitarian vibe of simplicity over sophistication adds to the charming feel of the show. Some may be scratching their heads at the musical choices, but so be it.

4. Experience the LOL aspects of physical humor. One of the crowning achievements of this series is its ability to match sub-par dialogue (no offense, Ronny) with overdramatized actions while making it look great. At times, it doesn’t even matter that the English dubs are wildly out of sync with its animation because the comedy is spot on.

scissor seven
A few of the zany characters who make up the cast of Scissor Seven.

5. Fall in love with the series’ multitude of zany characters. From rock dogs (that is, dogs who play the guitar and rock) to a two-timing klepto grandma, the lot of personalities in the show are a real treat. Seven’s interactions with these people, and the ways that they get in the way of his missions are a playground for funny situations.

6. Soak in the intricately choreographed fight scenes. What is an anime without action? Though dorky, Seven brings on the brawl with his ability to control levitating scissors and transform into any object or animal. 

7. Its unique, boldly simplistic art style. One unique characteristic of this show is its animation, which is not bound by lines or model sheets. The “imperfect” continuity of the character designs promotes emitting a feeling rather than being bound to the confines of predetermined layouts. Again, a theme of being largely utilitarian is interwoven throughout the program.

So there you have it! Catch the first and second seasons of Scissor Seven, now streaming on Netflix.

This list review is based on Season One of the English dub of Scissor Seven.

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